Do You Still Submit To Casting Sites?

What If You Never Had to Bother to 

Self-Submit for Auditions Again?

Part Personal Assistant, Part Email Magician. Online casting has never been the same. We submit you to your online casting profiles. And you audition.

Actors spend so much time submitting instead of auditioning. We change that... SelfSubmitU saves you time from your online casting profile self-submissions.

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What SelfSubmitU Can Do For You:

We are NOT an online casting company, agency or management company. We do not take commissions or have any contracts. We submit you to your online casting profiles such as Casting Call Pro, Actors Access, Casting Networks, Now Casting, and more.

Online Casting Websites


We save our clients hours each day by doing their submissions for them.

Online Casting Websites


We save you time, clear your inbox, submit you consistenly for about $1/day.

Online Casting Websites


No more stopping and starting your day to do submissions.

Online Casting Websites


No more breakdowns taking over your inbox. We take them over!

Online Casting Webstites


Stop reading stuff you just don't want to read or just isn't quite right for you.

Online Casting Websites


Online casting is a numbers game and we ensure the odds are in your favor.

Online Casting Websites


No more being bothered with missing days of submissions because of life on-set or your job.

Online Casting Websites


You build relationships with casting. We take of your submissions.

HOW it works!

SelfSubmitU Is For You If... 

SelfSubmitU Is NOT For You If... 

  • You get auditions from online casting websites but you don't have time to submit yourself. 
  • You are a Union actor and your online casting sites have a great headshot, resume, and demo reel. 
  • You are a nonunion actor and your online casting profiles have a great headshot and resume.
  • You don't have an unlimited monthly or yearly subscription to an online casting service.
  • You are a Union actor, you only submit to Union projects, but you don't have a reel. 
  • You don't have a professional-looking headshot.

What Our Clients Say:

Online Casting Websites | Debbie Bridge

“Just to give you an idea... I had a self-tape last week... an offer for a lead in a student film... and an audition for a gig this Friday. So lots to keep me busy! Thanks!."

— Debbie Bridge, U.K.

Online Casting Websites | Moira McFadden

“SelfSubmitU helped my twin sister and I land our very first film gig. It was an awesome and also happened to be paying. I will be forever grateful because of that..."

— Moira, Los Angeles

Online Casting Profiles

“Being able to focus without missing a submission... And I don't have to log into all those casting sites anymore or check my emails a crazy amount of times everyday!."

— Steve Benetier, LA

"Before I started using SelfSubmitU, I rarely got any real responses. Now I get auditions. Trying to submit on my own, I didn't have any time and I just wasn't submitting enough.

— Patrick Stalinski, LA

Online Casting Websites | Anna Huckabay

“It was hard always checking my phone. I tried SelfSubmitU to free up my time. And now I go out on more auditions, which is great. Thanks team for your hardwork!"

— Anna Huckabay, LA


Account Setup Fee Waiver (Valued at $20) The one-time account setup fee used to create and setup your profile page, filter your emails, and prepare the start of your submissions will be waived. 

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